Editing services

Editing services

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Translation Services

Translation Services

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Services de Support de Publication

Services de support de publication.

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Publication Support Services

Journal selection

This section provides vital feedback for the customer work, including suggestions on how to improve the author paper.

Pre-submission Peer Review

JUSTEDIT experts will perform an extensive paper peer review and they will investigate the work minutely section by section.

Formatting and Artwork Editing

In this area JUSTEDIT explains to the client the usefulness of multiple peer reviewers, he can get diverse perspectives, diminish individual bias and get the review in the same period of time.

Journal Submission

JUSEDIT should insert some advices from experts who are skilled in submitting works to various international highly ranked journals.

Revised/Rejected Paper Editing

JUSTEDIT Journal experts will ensure that the work is thoroughly rewritten to meet the expectations of journal reviewers.

Plagiarism Check

Plagiarism Check service helps the client to identify areas in which manuscript that might be flagged as plagiarism.

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