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Authors with English as a second language whose work and  aspire to get it published in SCI indexed journals, can opt for our editing services.

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Arabic.

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Substantive Services

In written communication, consistency means the presentation of a set of linked or associated elements in the text. These elements can be considered to be linked or associated when it is intended that they be perceived as a coherent group (for example, abbreviations, figure/table headings, etc.). Inconsistency is the most common mistake made by authors writing scholarly works.

JUSTEDIT language experts review your manuscript based on the parameters mentioned below in order to ensure consistency throughout, from headings to abbreviations and US/UK English styles.

  • Writing Style Check : Capitalization, hyphenation, headings, numbering style, abbreviations, American/British English.
  • References Check : Consistent citation style, consistent end-list reference style, cross-referencing between main text and end list.
  • Figures and Tables : Data consistency, cross-referencing between text and figures/tables.